James Bond Franchise Movie Review Redux Review

Movie Review – Quantum of Solace REDUX

Breakneck pacing and a dearth of generic Bond tropes ensure Quantum of Solace is a genuine roller-coaster ride of a film. Where Casino Royale introduced Bond, and gave us a rather leisurely paced affair interspersed with high octane action, Quantum goes for broke in the action department, often at the expense of character development and subtlety. Initial critical reception (my own included) had this as a messy, convoluted and shallow Bond film entry – upon reflection, I’m prepared to stick my neck out and say that this is a top-notch action film that just happens to have Bond in it.

James Bond Franchise Movie Review Redux Review

Movie Review – Casino Royale (2006) – REDUX

One of the best Bond films ever, Casino Royale remains as potent an action-packed and revitalizing entry to grace the franchise in its long history. Daniel Craig brings a brash, bruising Bond to the screen, keen to do less talk and more punching as he scours the globe fighting the good fight. Martin Campbell, who also rebooted the series with GoldenEye back in the 90’s, delivers a gritty, stylish film filled with humor, thrills and a genuine sense that Bond could quite possibly be killed. This film, perhaps more than any other in the entire Bond canon, deserves a place in any movie collection.

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Movie Review – Australia & Moulin Rouge

Putting Australia up against Moulin Rouge!, to me, almost seems tantamount to betrayal. It just so happens that Moulin Rouge! is in my top three all-time favorite films. I had a mental orgasm the first time I saw it in the cinema, and have loved it ever since. From it’s incredibly eclectic style and dazzling cinematography, wildly hyper-real editing and dramatic core, to the more surreal moments of intimacy and almost poetic gushing of emotion, Moulin Rouge! is less a film and more a cinematic version of the Space Shuttle launch. It packs such an emotional punch into it’s musical numbers and hysterically stylized dramatic moments, it’s like being strapped to the front of an express train with no driver.

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Movie Review – Saving Private Ryan vs The Thin Red Line (REDUX)

I initially posted an article pitting twin war films Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line against each other to figure out which was the better, and that article is still available to read here. However, recently I re-wrote that review from the ground up for fernbyfilms.com friend Bryce Zabels moviesmackdown.com, a great website I moonlight reviews for. Below is the article, slightly abridged and amended, that appeared on Bryce’s site. It’s a more mature and intricate exploration of these two films from what I have already written, and I feel that both articles have individual merit, and should both be read to get a clear understanding of exactly what I feel towards two pivotal films from 1998.