Trailer Trash! – Tolkien (Trailer #1)

Ahh, a film about Tolkien that’s loaded with Middle-Earth imagery, because we just can’t get enough Elves, Hobbits and Wizards. Nicholas Hoult stars as the great writer in a film that seems aggressively against Professor Tolkien’s assertion that The Lord of the Rings was not to be considered an allegory for The Great War, a war in which the author took part. Check out the overly pompous trailer, including an obvious title-font homage to Peter Jackson’s famous film series, below.

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3 thoughts on “Trailer Trash! – Tolkien (Trailer #1)

  1. I’m guessing that after 6 epic films and a whole bunch of others, they finally got to the end of the books, turned them around and then thought… Ohh, we’ve got movies about historically important people, lets do one about an author!

    Question: How long until J.K Rowling gets such a movie made about her? Will it be after she’s died? :-p

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