Vale – Brent Briscoe

American character actor Brent Briscoe, best known for his roles in Parks & Recreation and his screen debut alongside Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade, has passed away.

Mr Briscoe has always been “hey, it’s that guy” on the screen for me. I never knew his name but his face was one I recognised immediately whenever I saw it. I always figured he’s been around forever, but he got his screen debut in Sling Blade and become a familiar face on both the small and large screen ever since. His list of credits, while comparatively short, is incredible when you consider the talent the man worked with. Following Sling Blade, Mr Briscoe appeared in Oliver Stone’s U-Turn, Sam Raimi’s snowbound thriller A Simple Plan (again with Billy Bob), and would have a minor role in Frank Darabont’s seminal Stephen King adaptation The Green Mile. He would appear in Stallone’s unfortunate racing flick Driven, for David Lynch in Mulholland Drive (OMG!), and again for Darabont in The Majestic. Further feature films include Spider-Man 2, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and the Jim Carrey vehicle Yes Man.

Mr Briscoe appeared in a regular role in the television comedy Parks & Recreation between 2011 and 2015, as well as a cop in Christopher Nolan’s concluding Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. Mr Briscoe’s most recent credit was in the television return of Twin Peaks, earlier this year.

Brent Briscoe passed away on October 18th, aged just 56. His familiar face with most definitely be missed.



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