Trailer Trash! – Ghost In The Shell (Final Trailer)

Every time I see a new trailer for this film, I can’t help but think Denis Villeneuve has his work cut out for him making the Blade Runner sequel pop just a little more. Ghost In The Shell arrives next month and even if the story is as incomprehensible as the animated film version, the visuals alone will make for truly spectacular viewing.

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  1. Being a huge fan of the TV series, I'm cautiously optimistic that this will be the film industry's first successful live action adaptation of an anime. I am a bit concerned they seem to be combining two seasons (52 episodes) of material into one movie. It might be too rushed and/or incomprehensible to work. But we'll see soon enough.

    1. I've always wondered why Hollywood never thought about a live-action RoboTech series, because I loved that shit as a kid. Ahem.

      As with many adaptations undertaken by Hollywood, "getting" the franchise it's taking on is key to the film's success. Taking a well known and beloved property like this runs the risk of going pear-shaped if the people behind it don't understand *why* it's popular and beloved. From what I've seen of this compared to the original film, stylistically it looks pretty close, which really only leaves it to Scarlett to sell the role to the audience. I'm hoping she can! I've not seen the TV series (nor the film sequels) but I hold on to hope that this film will reinvigorate interest in it. Parts of Cloud Atlas recalled a similar aesthetic as I remember it….

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