Trailer Trash! – Logan (Trailer #2)

Among my most anticipated films for 2017, one that I have the more serious reservations about is Logan. The umpteenth X-Men flick from Fox, Logan is the third solo film for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine (with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and The Wolverine being the other two) and given its history I’m disinclined to have my expectations too high. That being said, not a bit of the marketing for Logan has appeared as anything other than awesome: finally, an “Old Man Logan” story we can sink our teeth into. If this truly is Jackman’s swansong in the role, my fingers are crossed he can execute one hell of a great film here. The film’s second trailer drops after the jump!

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4 thoughts on “Trailer Trash! – Logan (Trailer #2)

  1. It does look like it could be something far more enjoyable than the previous standalone films but I'm a bit tired of Wolverine nowadays.

  2. I'm interested in how this turns out. Really optimistic so far. I will say Charles Xavier tossing out an f-bomb in the red band trailer felt a bit silly to me, but whatever.

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