Vale – Kenny Baker


Kenny Baker, the man who gave life to R2D2 in Star Wars, has passed away.

Mr Baker, who stood just over 3 feet tall, was regularly cast as a dwarf or tiny person in films where required, including David Lynch’s The Elephant Man, the musical film Amadeus, Time Bandits, Labyrinth, and in an uncredited role in Ron Howard’s Willow. But it was his recurring role of R2D2, in the seven film Star Wars saga, for which he’s best known.

Baker was famously cast as Wicket in the third Star Wars film, Return of The Jedi, but was unable to perform the part after falling ill, resulting in Warwick Davis scoring the role. Baker, who played R2D2 in each Star Wars film, was a consultant on The Force Awakens, had also had a brief career in stand-up comedy, prior to his work on Star Wars.

Following an extended illness, Kenny Baker passed away on August 13th. He was 81.

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