Trailer Trash! – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


It’s been a Star Wars day today – I found out my BluRay of The Force Awakens has shipped from my local distributor (should arrive next week), and a brand new trailer for the upcoming Anthology film, Rogue One, lands as well! Suffice to say it’s all Star Wars, all the time here at the moment! Anyway, rather than blather on about the recent passing of the guy behind Admiral Ackbar’s voice, as we probably should, let’s just jump right to the good stuff, shall we? Rogue One is due to land in cinemas mid-December, following the example set by JJ Abrams Force Awakens last year.

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2 thoughts on “Trailer Trash! – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

  1. I watched this expecting it to be terrible. You know what, though? I thought it was cool! It looks way better than The Force Awakens. I hope this one delivers. And I'm pretty sure Vader isn't in it, but shouldn't he be? That seems like a missed opportunity.

    1. The interweb is abuzz with the notion that Vader *may* make an appearance in this film, although nobody has actually been able to confirm this via interview, image or video. My thinking on the matter is that Lucasfilm and Disney need to test the waters on a Star Wars film *without* the core cast of the original Skywalker saga, to see how audiences go with a non-Luke/Leia/Han/Rey storyline. If Vader *is* in this, then I expect it will be a very minor moment, a fleeting glimpse perhaps, to tie it in with events leading towards A New Hope, rather than a significant role of any kind.

      While we're on that: if Vader has a cameo in Rogue One, I dearly hope Disney don't spoil the reveal and give it up in a future trailer. Look at what happened to Batman V Superman when a trailer gave away the Doomsday reveal. Imagine if they'd saved that for the privacy of a cinema screening, rather than blab it out there in the trailer? I damn near woulda spontaneously orgasmed right there in the cinema. As it was, the spoil on that made the endgame of the film a little weaker, because I was expecting it. Giving away a Vader appearance in your film for a marketing moment might get a few more bums on seats, but at the cost of surprise and memorable in-cinema moments.

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