Trailer Trash!: ID4:Resurgence


So, remember back in the 90’s when Jeff Goldblum defeated an entire alien invasion with a virus and an Apple Mac? Yeah, so do we – it’s one of those cultural touchstones cinema fans use to judge other fans on: did you love ID4, or hate it? Either way, box office boffo spoke volumes, and now (many, many years too late) we finally have an inspirational teaser trailer for next year’s sure-fire top-o-the-heap flick, Independence Day: Resurgence. Featuring a reprise of Bill Pullman’s classic Presidential speech, and more Jeff Goldblum (and visual effects), this trailer has our lips wet for what the returning aliens might do to us when they arrive in force next year!

Check out the trailer after the jump.



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4 thoughts on “Trailer Trash!: ID4:Resurgence

  1. I was really confused as to why they'd even bother but I actually loved this trailer. Looks stupid but great fun instead of the worse Roland Emmerich type. And I'm just excited to see Jeff Goldblum in a movie that's not Mortdecai.

    1. Given what they accomplished in the original with model and such, no doubt this will be yet another carbon-copy CG fest suckling at the milky tit of reminiscence to drag the crowd into the cinema.

    1. Perhaps. It did really set the ball rolling for the modern "blockbuster" being redefined, so it'll be fun to watch it crash and burn if it doesn't accomplish what it sets out to.

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