Trailer Trash! – New Hateful, Alice, London Trailers to Feast On!


Good morning folks! What a fun day we have today! In the last 48 hours, three brand new trailers for major films have dropped, including Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful 8 (We will be covering the shit out of this movie as it nears release date!), and the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, starring Gerard Butler.

First though, my most anticipated film for a while (with the exception of anything Star Wars or Marvel or DC related), The Hateful 8. This second trailer looks awesome. (Be sure and watch it in HD!)

Then, there’s London Has Fallen, which sees Gerard Butler’s version of John McClane going to the UK to foil an attempt to do something bad to the US President again. Seriously, that President should just stay deep down in a bunker somewhere. Pure B-movie escapism is what London Has Fallen is offering, and its kind of stupid is right up my alley.

Lastly today, the sequel to one of the worst Disney adaptations I’ve had the misfortune to sit through – Alice In Wonderland – has another trailer. Alice Through The Looking Glass sees the return of all your favourite bastardised characters, including Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter, as well as Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska as Alice, and screechy Mrs Tim Burton as the Queen of Hearts. Sigh.

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  1. Obviously the Hateful Eight trailer was amazing but I was actually impressed by the London Has Fallen trailer, despite going in wanting to hate it. Maybe it's because I live in England but the city destruction of London actually impacted me instead of the Golden Gate bridge breaking again. I really caught myself saying "shit man, they can't blow that up!" to myself haha….

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