Movie Review

Movie Review – Red Cliff (Uncut International Version)

Epic, stunning reproduction of one of China’s greatest historical battles, Red Cliff is an experience unlike any other. At nearly 5 hours in length, the film never wavers in its depiction of purported events surrounding this pivotal moment in China’s history, although at times even Woo’s fanciful take on minor battle experiences does seem somewhat jarring amidst an otherwise solidly realistic representation. While I’m no expert on the battle of Red Cliff, nor on Chinese history, one might be tempted to say that if you’re going to portray one of your countries most legendary conflicts, this is the definitive way in which to do it. Characters are well written, battle sequences are astonishingly mounted, and the production value on this film must surely have taken the financial equivalent of a small European nations GDP – Red Cliff is epic not only in scale and size, but in scope and execution. For fans of great cinema, Red Cliff is essential viewing.