4 thoughts on “Movie Review – Happy Feet Two

  1. Well I must say you were more than generous in your coverage of Feet x2, always your thoroughness driving the review from start to finish with plenty of stopovers to both praise and criticize, often equally, usually well flavored. I reviewed this one for the Warner Bros. folks during our Blu-ray Elite Team time – review for your pleasures here http://rorydean.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/happy-fe… – By the looks of things we're pretty much in agreement here, though I might drop the hammer a bit harder, especially in terms of the ridiculousness factor and the overt overstylized, lazy and weedy sequel for the sake of sequel factor. I love your lines, "underwritten, largely unfunny and never goes anywhere" – that pretty much sums it up, would make a great heading. Also, the Michael Bay/Tony Scott on acid idea might have been interesting if not more rewarding here, at least for older audiences. Indeed the youngsters will enjoy the lavish visuals and airy slapstick happenings. No arguing there. Agreed, too many writers, loose goose on the motifs of logic and blind faith (go or get off the throne, imho) and otherwise low on the star list but worthy distraction for that afternoon away from the crumb crunchers. cheers0>

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