Vale – Harris Savides

Harry Savides – 1957-2012

Acclaimed cinematographer Harris Savides passed away earlier this week.

Mr Savides lensed many terrific films throughout his career, including Gus van Sant’s Finding Forrester, Milk, and Restless, David Fincher’s Zodiac and The Game, Ridley Scott’s American Gangster, Sophia Coppola’s Somewhere and even John Turturro’s Illuminata. He also worked as a DP on many music videos, including Nine Inch Nail’s Closer, Madonna’s Rain, and Michael Jackson’s Scream.

Mr Savides passed away on October 9th, aged just 55. We tip our hat to him today.



2 thoughts on “Vale – Harris Savides

  1. Good work Rodney – I wouldn't have picked up on this, and sometimes I am guilty of heavy duty newspaper scans.

    Zodiac was such a beautifully shot film – an outstanding exercise in digital cinematography. American Gangster also looked great – interestingly, all of Ridley's films look kinda similar, which suggests he picks DOPs who are on his wavelength.

    Obviously Mr Savides was a collaborative artist of the first order.

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