4 thoughts on “Movie Review – Because I Said So

  1. If your tolerance for rom-coms is average, then mine must be non-existent. I only tend to see them when my roommate drags me to one or my mother drags me to one. I've been accused of being "an insult to my gender" because I'd rather watch "Rambo" than "Love Actually" any day of the week.

    So naturally I didn't like this one. I do, however, think Lauren Graham brightens any movie she's in.

    1. Thanks M,

      An insult to your gender. That's a good one, I must remember to use that at some point on somebody I don't like! 😉

      Not even Lauren Graham can salavge this piece of garbage. I do agree that she's pretty good in just about everything else she's been in.

  2. Thank you am a Lady and I love romance but Lord help what the f******* was that. I watched this movie and I went str8 to google and typed "because I said so is the most stupid movie ever" and to my surprise there a lot more people who thought so. But I loved this one more. I love how you say it lacks soul. Not only sol. Its like watching a long music video. Of the most boring song. And about moore. I never liked moore. She tries too hard to show emotion all the time but there is always that little something that lacks. Because I said so is by far the most stupid, overrated, noisy, unrealistic movie ever ever. It left me so angry

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