5 thoughts on “Movie Review – Flags Of Our Fathers

  1. Wow. Lots to write here but you've covered the film so well. I've been a fan of Eastwood's since forever and the films you list of his are some of my favorites from any filmmaker in the past decade plus. His slow, methodical approach never seems contrived, though at times he is prone to hanging a bit on the edges of our resolve to see how far he can push us toward tears – but I look forward to that. I love him for it. I think your observations about the two 'back-to-back' films are accurate, though my gut pushes me more toward feeling like the biggest strain on this film was precisely the need to make Letters at the same time. I think it is difficult enough to keep one film in check, to hit the points, to give the characters much needed development, breathing room, etc., not to mention the importance of getting the story right. Your last line seems to beg more but summarizes nicely, "cold..with glimpses of awesome."


    1. Cheers Rory, appreciate the comments. I agree, I think Eastwood is among the best filmmakers working today, and considering he's been in the game for the majority of the last fifty years or more, that's saying a lot. Had he made this film a few years before he did Letters To Iwo Jima, I'd have probably given this film a lower score, but the double whammy of this one-two war double punch, and the quality of both films as an end result, is indicative of Eastwood's ability to create and carve out genuinely moving material.

      Flags Of Our Fathers probably wouldn't have been as good a film as I gave it credit for if Letters hadn't followed it up.

  2. I wasn't as impressed by this as I have been by Clint Eastwood's other output over the last few years. But I agree with your point about the general quality of both films given they were made so closely together. I just felt Flags of Our Fathers lacked a sense of individuality and its war sequences, although brilliantly realised, were rather uninspired. But going back to Eastwood – it's quite unbelievable that while many directors best days are well behind them when they enter their later years, he seems to be peaking with the likes of Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino. Not only that, but he's making films at a good rate – Spielberg and Scorsese can't maintain this level of output.

  3. I wasn’t a big fan of this movie myself. I felt the movie spent too much time outside of the battlefield and it just to a screeching halt every single time it did. Loved Letters From Iwo Jima though.

    1. Thanks Castor! Fair point about the non-battle stuff in this film, it did tend to bring the film to a halt a fair bit, although I could see what Eastwood was trying to accomplish with it all.

      I also enjoyed Letters from Iwo Jima, and my review of that film will be online here later in the year!

      Thanks again!

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