Avatar – Early Trade Reviews online Now!!!


And the word, generally, is “Awesome!”. While we (that is, us here at fernbyfilms.com) aren’t going to get around to seeing James Camerons Avatar until December 29th, due mainly to Christmas obligations preventing us from doing so earlier, we thought we’d put up some links to early trade reviews of the self proclaimed King of The World’s latest monster-hit-to-be. For those not in the know, trade reviews are published by those inside the industry, in this case, places like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, folks who’ve had sneek peeks at the finished product. Here in Australia, the film opens next Wednesday night, which is a couple of nights before we leave for Brisbane on our Chrissy break: rest assured though, we’ll upload our thoughts on Avatar as soon as we see it.

In the meantime, you can read an early review from The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety.

Or, for those of you keen to avoid the words of others, you can revisit the trailer here… thanks to YouTube


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