Two directors working in Hollywood today know just how to make stuff blowing up look cool. Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich. Bay is renowned for his shallow, all-action extravagance, yet Roland Emmerich still isn’t a household name for his work on Stargate, ID4, Godzilla (1997) and more recently The Day After Tomorrow (and the abysmal 10,000 BC). If you want end-of-the-world apocalypse, nobody does it better than these two fellows.

And now, we can bring you a four minute scene from the latest Emmerich production, 2012, which is due out in cinemas later this year. The clip repeats at the very beginning, then quickly gets into a whole bunch of explosions, destruction and cool effects. Don’t care what the story is, which helps. Just seeing the Earth destroy itself is enough for me!! Bring it on I say. Minor spoilers abound in this clip, so if you’re avoiding seeing anything about it I suggest you skip to another review, but if you enjoy a little taste of what is sure to be a butt-kicking ride, then settle back and enjoy this extended preview.

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