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The New Doctor Begins Filming – New Pics!!

Just thought I’d chime in today again with some pics I just spotted online, featuring the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith, filming the next series of the relaunched show. Smith plays the Eleventh Doctor, after current incumbent David Tennant announced he would not continue the role at the end of the fourth series, broadcast last year. With Tennants last appearance scheduled to be in this Christmas’s two-part special (later in the New Year here in Australia…), Smith’s series is due to be shown on the BBC in April/May 2010.

Also appearing in these images is the Doctors new companion, Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, whose role was announced back in May.

For those who think Doctor Who is for kids, think again. The relaunched show has become a TV phenomenon in Britain, topping the viewing charts for it’s timeslot across the country. The first four seasons are available on DVD, (as are the 22 seasons of the original series’ run) and I suggest checking them out if you’ve held off before due to wobbly sets and piss-poor effects. The new Who is dynamic, big-budget storytelling of the highest order: it’s amazing what a coat of polish and some money behind it can bring to the screen. Even my wife enjoys watching it, which says something, because she normally hates Doctor Who.

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Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor.

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor.

Matt Smith and Karen Gilland go over their lines on set.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan go over their lines on set.

Don't know what's happening here, but the look on Smith's face is priceless.

Don't know what's happening here, but the look on Smith's face is priceless.

These photos were obtained from here.
Smith & GIllan stand next to the iconic TARDIS.

Smith & GIllan stand next to the iconic TARDIS.

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  1. ColinGregBowden August 15, 2009

    NOOOOO!!!! Oh they've ruined it!!!! That stupid bloody bow tie and that poncy haircut!!!! If the series goes down, there will be several people to blame, so I sincerely hope that Smith can act, and I mean that he does it so well that we all go "David who…?"

    • Rodney Twelftree August 15, 2009

      He he, I think I know what you mean! I have to admit, the bow tie doesn't quite do it for me… but then again, I think it was Pat Troughton who wore a bow tie through his tenure and was quite popular. The good thing about the Doctor as a character is that he's been so many different people throughout the years, that it's certainly possible for him to be believable as a 20-something gay lad running about with a scrumptious young hottie at his side. After all, Tom Baker never once laid a hand on Leela, or Romana, did he? 😉

      Of course, I agree with you, this Matt Smith better be able to act well. Otherwise, it's a steep hill to nowehere for him: but I have faith in the production team to choose somebody good. Doctor Who is riding a wave of success not seen since it's heyday back when the Daleks first came on the scene… I don't think they'll ruin it with poor casting choices.

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