Vale – Wendy Richard

While we tend to focus more on film actors than television personalities here at, we felt it would be remiss of us to fail to mention the recent passing of British actress Wendy Richard, yesterday aged 65. Wendy Richard is perhaps best known to audiences outside the UK as Miss Brahms, from the TV sitcom Are You Being Served?, which ran on TV during the 70’s.

Movie Review Star Trek

Movie Review – Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

After the balls-up that was the first theatrical journey for the crew, Gene Roddenberry was removed from production on the sequel, as it was deemed his fault the first film fared so dismally. Whether this is a correct assumption or not is perhaps not the point, but I think the result of that decision was a good one for the franchise, considering Wrath of Khan’s standing within the fan-bases’ loyalty. Wrath turned out to be a grand adventure and dramatic improvement for the series, much more convincing than it’s immediate predecessor, and reinvigorated the franchise overall. While the film cannot be said to have no faults, the end result is a sharp improvement.