This week on – 28/12/08

Well, we bid farwell to 2008, in this, our last official posting for the year.

We’ll be back on January 1st, with a look at what’s coming up this year, and our regular posts begin again on January 4th. We’re having a week off to smile and laugh, rest and relax, since we’ve been going hard here at the site with all the best film reviews. Hope you’ve enjoyed this years stuff! And before you comment, yes, I know we didn’t get our fifth Harry Potter review online for you, Order of The Phoenix, so we’ve held it over for now and will upload it early in 2009. Sometimes, there’s too much good stuff happening to post everything all at once!! Anyway, don’t fret all you HP fans, we’ll get it onto the site in due course.

While I’m at it, I think I should thank a few people for their efforts and help over the last while getting up to speed.

Firstly, I should thank my wonderful wife, the gorgeous Lisa T, without whom I would not be in the place I am right now. Thanks bubby!

Secondly, my valiant administrator Mick Kubler, who seemed to be constantly amazed at the amount of material uploaded onto the site, and just how much work was involved. His dedication to ensuring managed to be readable, user-friendly and plain-old online 24/7 is to be applauded. I know it couldn’t happen without him. Cheers Mick!

Lastly, but by no means least-ly… if that’s a word…. I have to thank the contributors who have helped throughout this last year. As more of our resident film critics came on board, the pressure upon myself was relieved a little. Hopefully, they are willing and able to continue with their film reports throughout 2009, although we’ll see. With Doug Shearer coming into the fold, plus a few others lined up, there’s great stuff coming your way in the next 12 months. But to those who wrote reviews this year, I thankyou. You know who you are!

It would be remiss of me to forget, however, the one bunch of people without whom this whole enterprise would simply fold up and go home. The readers, those amazing people who click onto this site, and even come back after realising that we actually have some thing to say here. Thanks to all our valuable readers, it’s good to have you along for the ride!!

Anyway, that’s about it for me this year.

I hope you all have a great New Year’s celebration, don’t hurt yourself (or anybody else) and we’ll be back here in 2009 with all our new reviews for you to read.

See you next year!!!

Rodney T – Director, Fernby Films.

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