Celebrating the Worst Films of All Time, fernbyfilms.com brings you another in the list of possibly the cruddiest movies you’ll ever see…. perhaps, though, you should take our advice and never glance upon these celluloid travesties…. EVER! You have been warned!!!


Todays comment comes from our very own Secret Squirrel! Enjoy!

Well I can’t say much about it because I actually turned off the DVD about a 3rd of the way in- but for the Worst Film Ever week here on Fernby Films I would like to nominate Elf starring Will Ferrell.
I greatly admire Will Ferrell as a comedian, and I believe that Elf is from early on in his film career. I watched it before I knew much about Will Ferrell and his peculiar character genre.
I may get more out of a second attempt at watching Elf now that I understand, and greatly appreciate, that generally Will Ferrell’s characters are silly and unrealistic, but I would ask that someone paid me to bother. It goes to show what an actor’s reputation can do for a film. I don’t know who made the film or how it came about.
I frankly don’t care.
It was boring, silly, cheap, lame entertainment that I couldn’t even be bothered to sit through on a rainy day with nothing else to do.
So I didn’t really care how it was going to end or if it was going to explain itself later on in the movie. The movie is hard work, not engaging, no memorable quotes or music. I wouldn’t rent it, I definitely wouldn’t pay to see it in the cinema, I would rather play and lose a long game of chess to some one I generally don’t like hanging out with.


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