This Week on – 24/8/08

Things have been a bit quiet around the offices this week, I’ve been a bit crook with a stomach bug. Thankfully, though, the Adelaide Crows keep winning the football, so things are good there, and takes the edge off a bit.

Hard to believe it, but another week bites the dust, and we’re almost into September. Soon it’ll be Christmas! Wow, how fast is this year going?

This week around the site, we conclude our Redux month by presenting the last of our reviews previously published. Shooter stars Mark Wahlberg, and Rodney will tell you if he likes it.

We also gander at Luc Besson’s kids flick, Arthur and the Invisibles, which is a curious blend of live action and CGI animation. Plus, a look at the Will Smith blockbuster, I Am Legend, later in the week. Yep, looks like this week is going to be a little quiet as well.

On Saturday I’ll hopefully have updated the Big List with all of Augusts’ reviews, so for those keeping score on that front, check back on the weekend for more details.

Our regular comment from The Secret One should go up later today, so check back this afternoon for that.

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