This Week on – 27/7/08

Well, this week will offer up some more film reviews, a couple of new music tracks (and an older one) and another selection of images from the Europe trip of 2008.

I have to let you know about the new (and first) review by newest member Box, on Schoolyard Justice, the latest short film from Fernby Films. His thoughts are quite amusing, well worth a read. That will be up tomorrow, so check back then!

Eastern Promises gets reviewed, and Rodney finally presents another filmic essay on two films that are similar, but totally different…. Deep Impact and Armageddon, on Thursday. This is a follow up to the wildly successful essay on Saving Private Ryan vs The Thin Red Line. Frank Darabonts wonderfully sublime horror film The Mist gets a run, as well as the Nicole Kidman/Daniel Craig film The Invasion. Check for the reviews on those later this week. And to wrap the week up, Colin and the Big Fat Film Festival kicks on with Angelina Jolie’s new flick, Wanted. We’ll be off to see that on Saturday, and hopefully have a review up by Sunday night. Check that out for sure!!

Musically, expect some Raccoon and Armin Van Buuren, as well as mention of the new Kid Rock track that’s had heaps of airplay on radio recently.

Enjoy this week’s goodies here at!!!

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