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A new addition to the DVD Collection

Hey hey, went to Marion today for a haircut, and got into some magnificent trouble along the DVD aisle of Big W. Yep, this caught my wife’s eye, and she said we should get it.

Smurfs Theme Song

Now, I am not one to let a gift horse in the mouth, especially when my wife wants to buy something I have had my eye on for a while, so I nodded wisely and said “uh-hmmm!” and we ended up getting it! Woo Hoo…..

It’s hard to imagine that the Smurfs have been around for 50 years. I remember reading them (along with Tintin and Asterix comics) at school in Tintinara, so a 9 disc set of 52 episodes of the series was always going to be a trip down memory lane. A little like the collection of Underdog cartoons I swiped on DVD from America a few years back.  Ahhhh, the old Saturday morning cartoons…. brings back memories!

One thought on “A new addition to the DVD Collection

  1. Nice photo.

    It's unfortunate you didn't have better light to make it a bit clearer, but the setup and layout is good.

    I also remember The Smurfs, Tintin, and Asterix. Dad and I were big Asterix fans, and I recently got a copy of some of the cartoon movies.

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