For those of you who ever read Asterix or Tintin¬†as children (heck, or even as adults), here’s a glimpse of the original French language books being sold by street vendors in Paris. Made me stop and stare for a moment.

Asterix Books on Sale

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3 thoughts on “French Asterix & Tintin

  1. Hehe, one of my ex girlfriends knew French and read the original French Asterix and Obelix books as well as the English ones, and says they are much better in French.

    Then again, she knew German, and loved the original German books of 'The Never Ending Story'.

    Hmm, wasn't there talk of a Tin Tin movie being worked on?

  2. Yeah, there is a Tintin trilogy being worked on, to be filmed in mo-cap (a al Beowulf & Polar Express) and directed by Steven Spielberg (first film) Peter Jackson (second film) and an unknown director to do the third.

  3. It is pretty cool that they got all the word play in the names to work still when they translated the Asterix and Obelix from French. The Bond one is still my favourite (Dubblelosix).

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