Vale Roy Scheider

News coming down the interweb this afternoon appears to confirm the passing of American actor Roy Scheider, aged 75.

Most people wouldn’t immediately know the name, but definitely the film for which he was most well known in.


Schedier played the police chief of Amity Island who has to deal with the arrival of a large, man-eating, great white shark. Still one of the finest examples of the modern blockbuster film, Spielberg cast Scheider as his everyman character against Richard Dreyfuss’ nerdy scientist and Robert Shaws salty sea captain.

He also appeared in other films of equal calibre, although perhaps not as well known today; The French Connection, still one of my favourite cop films; 2010, the sequel to the original Space Oddyssey, Klute, and of course, All That Jazz.

Perhaps his most recent work known by Australians would be the now-defunct TV series SeaQuest DSV.

RIP Mr Scheider.

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