Vale – Om Puri

Prolific Indian-born film and television actor Om Puri has passed away.

Om Puri (L) with Helen Mirren (R) in The Hundred-Foot Journey

Om Puri’s career spanned entire continents. Hugely popular in his homeland India, Mr Puri’s first feature film role came with the 1976 adaption of popular Indian satirical play Ghashiram Kotwal. A small role in Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi in 1982, as well as the recurring part of Mr De Souza in 1985’s television miniseries The Jewel In The Crown, have him a foot into the English speaking film industry, and throughout his career continued to thrive in both Indian, British and Hollywood film industries.

Among his other English-speaking roles, Om Puri appeared in 1994’s Wolf (alongside Jack Nicholson), The Ghost & The Darkness in 1996 (with Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas), East Is East (for which he snagged a BAFTA Nomination in 1999, 2003’s Code 46, and more recently in Charlie Wilson’s War (with Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman), The Hundred-Foot Journey (with Helen Mirren), and as the Hindi voice of Bagheera in Disney’s 2016 film version of The Jungle Book.

Om Puri passed away at his home in Mumbai, India, on January 6th, aged 66.


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Vale – Om Puri

by Rodney Twelftree
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