Trailer Trash!

Trailer Trash! – Inferno


It’s fair to say that while Dan Brown’s novels The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons were wildly successful books, in spite of their awful grammatical and narrative structures, the cinematic variants have been less-than spectacular at giving audiences the same visceral, raw thrills and spills. Brown’s most popular character, Robert Langdon, has become something of a forced-on-us modern day Indiana Jones, and although essayed by the always reliable Tom Hanks, one could argue that these films give the world’s nicest thespian a chance to slide into cruise mode (seriously, though, can you blame him?). And so it is with Inferno, the third of the films based on Brown’s eponymous hero. Equally as arguable is the fact that this just looks as bland as butter. Anyways…. check it out for yourself – Inferno opens sometime in the future at which point I’ll probably be washing my hair.

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Trailer Trash! – Inferno

by Rodney Twelftree
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