Trailer Trash! – Suicide Squad


Another trailer has landed for DC’s next cinematic venture, Suicide Squad. If you missed the previous Bohemian Rhapsody-inspired trailer, you should do yourself a favour and check it out elsewhere here on Fernby Films. Anyways… this trailer features a bit more Batman (can you believe we’ll be getting the Dark Knight in two separate films this year?) and a whole lot of crazy. Check out the new trailer after the jump!

Normally detesting these kinds of bios, Rodney’s keen love of film more often outclasses his ability to write convincingly about them.

Never blessed with a body worthy of a porn star, nor being the heir to a wealthy industrialists fortune, nor suffering the tragedy of having his parents murdered outside a Gotham theater, Rodney is, contrary to popular opinion, neither Ron Jeremy, JD Rockefeller, or Batman.

As a serious appreciator of film since 1996, Rodney’s love affair with the medium has continued with his online blog, Fernby Films, a facility allowing him to communicate with fellow cineasts in their mutual love of all things movie.

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