Trailer Trash!

Trailer Trash – Netflix’s Jessica Jones + Daredevil S2


Morning folks!

Playing catch-up a bit this morning, we have two trailers for you from the Netflix arm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or should that be Marvel Television Universe?), with the debut today of a trailer for the second series of Daredevil, one of 2015’s breakout hit shows. If you aren’t up with Daredevil yet, you can stream the entirety of Season 1 via Netflix, and you really should, because it’s a brilliant show. Also, last week saw a trailer for Netflix’s other (newer) marvel property, Jessica Jones. Both can be viewed after the jump. Enjoy!

Daredevil Season 2

Jessica Jones Season 1


Also a week or so ago, the latest (and last) trailer for the next Bond film, Spectre, debuted, with Daniel Craig once more suiting up to play the iconic spy. If you missed it, here it is (and check it in HD….)

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Trailer Trash – Netflix’s Jessica Jones + Daredevil S2

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