May 13, 2012

Vale – Joyce Redman

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Joyce Redman - 1915-2012

Oscar nominated actress Joyce Redman has passed away. Ms Redman was born in Ireland, and studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. She made her name appearing in a vairety of stage productions, as well as some television movies, including Notorious Woman. Her film credits include One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing, her portrayal opposite Maggie Smith in Othello (playing Emilia), Les Miserables (1978), another Oscar nominated performance for Tom Jones (1963) and more recently as the old Queen Victoria in 2001’s Victoria And Albert.

Ms Redman passed away on May 10th. She was 96.


Normally detesting these kinds of bios, Rodney’s keen love of film more often outclasses his ability to write convincingly about them.

Never blessed with a body worthy of a porn star, nor being the heir to a wealthy industrialists fortune, nor suffering the tragedy of having his parents murdered outside a Gotham theater, Rodney is, contrary to popular opinion, neither Ron Jeremy, JD Rockefeller, or Batman.

As a serious appreciator of film since 1996, Rodney’s love affair with the medium has continued with his online blog, Fernby Films, a facility allowing him to communicate with fellow cineasts in their mutual love of all things movie.

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