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Skyline – New Clip Online Here!!!

Regular readers of this website will know just how much we’re looking to see Skyline, the new film from the Strause Brothers, which we’ve been plugging since word of it came along the interweb. We don’t normally go for “spoiler” material like this, but for those of you wondering if this is a big-budget flick or a B-grader, I suggest you check out this 50 second clip from the film. One word: awesome!

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  1. I will wait for the reviews on this. I sort of want to see either Skyline or Unbreakable which are coming out at the same time.

    • Really? Wow, this is the kind of film that blows me away: I can't believe it's had such a dull promotional campaign (at least here in Australia)…. which gives me pause to consider the fact that it might be utter crap. hopefully, though the effects will more than make up for a bunch of characters that will no doubt have less development than a 2 year old.

    • I sure am interested! If you like, send a sample review (or article) of your choosing to fernbyfilms (at), I'll check it out and we'll go from there! I'm always willing to publish stuff from other film fans, so anyone else out there reading this, feel free to do the same!!!

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Skyline – New Clip Online Here!!!

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