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Trailer – Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark

Watch this in the dark, with the sound off.


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  1. I only watched the original film a couple of days ago on a crappy DVD. It looked like it had been taken from a VHS master. But anyway, the film was quite good. It would have really scared me had I seen it when I was a kid. Del Toro looks like he's going to take the film a little further than the original, and hopefully he'll put some character development into it as well. Looks good!

    • Just a hint of it reminds me somewhat of that film "They", which came out in 2002. Just a little bit.

      This is definitely the kind of film Del Toro should be involved with: creepy as hell with some great visual concepts.

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Trailer – Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark

by Rodney Twelftree
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