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2012 Scene – Watch this NOW!!!!

Two directors working in Hollywood today know just how to make stuff blowing up look cool. Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich. Bay is renowned for his shallow, all-action extravagance, yet Roland Emmerich still isn’t a household name for his work on Stargate, ID4, Godzilla (1997) and more recently The Day After Tomorrow (and the abysmal 10,000 BC). If you want end-of-the-world apocalypse, nobody does it better than these two fellows.

And now, we can bring you a four minute scene from the latest Emmerich production, 2012, which is due out in cinemas later this year. The clip repeats at the very beginning, then quickly gets into a whole bunch of explosions, destruction and cool effects. Don’t care what the story is, which helps. Just seeing the Earth destroy itself is enough for me!! Bring it on I say. Minor spoilers abound in this clip, so if you’re avoiding seeing anything about it I suggest you skip to another review, but if you enjoy a little taste of what is sure to be a butt-kicking ride, then settle back and enjoy this extended preview.

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2012 Scene – Watch this NOW!!!!

by Rodney Twelftree
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