/Official Fernby Films Images – Now Online @ Panoramio

Official Fernby Films Images – Now Online @ Panoramio

Hi all.

A while back it was decided that all our fabulous images, which were originally held on site here at fernbyfilms.com, would be removed and uploaded at a different website, where storage wasn’t such an issue. After all, we have a lot of photos! You may have seen the new link image in the Friends Of fernbyfilms.com widget area in the sidebar, for Panoramio, a website which houses images (many which are selected for display on Google Earth) of locations around the world. I have uploaded a selection of our best photos from our travels, and created a page just for them. Feel free to check them out at the link below. Image quality is a little low, but the site won’t be. Feel free to have a browse of our images, or even check out some awesome photographs of the world we live in, from other people online. Enjoy!!!

Rodney T – Director, Fernby Films.


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Normally detesting these kinds of bios, Rodney’s keen love of film more often outclasses his ability to write convincingly about them.

Never blessed with a body worthy of a porn star, nor being the heir to a wealthy industrialists fortune, nor suffering the tragedy of having his parents murdered outside a Gotham theater, Rodney is, contrary to popular opinion, neither Ron Jeremy, JD Rockefeller, or Batman.

As a serious appreciator of film since 1996, Rodney’s love affair with the medium has continued with his online blog, Fernby Films, a facility allowing him to communicate with fellow cineasts in their mutual love of all things movie.