/Schoolyard Justice – Update #6

Schoolyard Justice – Update #6

Good afternoon, Just thought I’d take the time to update the site with news that pickup photography has been completed on Schoolyard Justice, and I am now moving into the final stage of editing. Jamie Williamson and Stephen Holmes, along with Mick Kubler and myself, trotted out into the blistering 40 degree heat yesterday to film some key moments of the film that needed to be retouched, and get some added bonus material.

Right now, I would like to thank my cast for the film, Jamie and Stephen, as well as Chris Dunn and Shannon Gray, all of whom took their own time and gave it to me to help craft what I hope will be a cool little short film.

At this stage, the film should be completed by mid-April, for a premiere screening once I return from my 6 week sojourn to Europe. Expect that sometime in June.

So, for now, it’s back to the computer for another twelve hour stint editing and pruning and sculpting this short film into something I think we can all be proud of.

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