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Schoolyard Justice – Overview

Recently, many people would have become aware that I, along with fellow filmmaker Michael Kubler, have begun work on a short film project entitled Schoolyard Justice. Based on a story by Lachlan Cupit, this film will hopefully provoke some discussion in todays climate of violence and agression by our children towards others.

Bullying in schools became a hot topic in 2007 when a Victorian pupil won a court settlement against the school he was victimized at. about two months before this story broke in the local media, Mick and I began working on Schoolyard Justice, as we felt it was relevant and important regardless. Both of us had been bullied at school to a certain point. And this was a story both of us felt compelled to tell, as it was a central theme in our developmental stages of life and one which we had managed to overcome. But some don’t.

 By trying to give some small insight into violence at school, or just in general, perhaps we can provoke a reaction in people to not only think about bullying generally, but to evaluate how we as human beings have a responsibility to treat our fellow human beings with respect and dignity.

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Schoolyard Justice – Overview

by Rodney Twelftree
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