Vale – Arnold Kopelson

Long-time American film producer Arnold Kopelson, who produced films such as Platoon and The Fugitive, has passed away.

Mr Kopelson’s career began as in law, specialising in entertainment and banking law, which gave him a doorway into the film industry, setting up a production firm with his wife, Anne. Together they produced nearly thirty feature films, the most prominent being Platoon in 1986, which would win him an Oscar, Golden Globe, and numerous other industry plaudits.

Popular notable films he had a hand in bringing to the screen include The Fugitive (with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones), Outbreak (with Dustin Hoffman), Se7en (directed by David Fincher), Schwarzeneggar’s Eraser, the Al Pacino supernatural thriller The Devil’s Advocate, Don’t Say A Word, and most recently 2004’s Twisted, with Samuel L Jackson, Andy Garcia and Ashley Judd.

Mr Kopelson passed away on October 8th, aged 83.


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