Trailer Trash! – 7 Days In Entebbe

Director Jose Padilha is best remembered by Western audiences for the critically underwhelming remake of RoboCop (a film which, if memory serves, suffered the indignity of much studio interference) but his latest film, 7 Days In Entebbe, looks to rectify his reputation. Although this story has been done before (one film in 1976, Victory At Entebbe, and two others the following year, Raid On Entebbe and Operation Thunderbolt), Padilha’s film looks to bring this historical event into modern focus with this thrilling recounting of a hostage rescue operation in 1976. Check out the trailer, starring Daniel Bruhl (Rush), Roasmund Pike (Gone Girl), Vincent Cassel (Beauty & The Beast) and Eddie Marsan (Atomic Blonde).

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