Trailer Trash! – Valerian & The City of A Thousand Planets


It’s fair to say it’s been a long time since Luc Besson directed a movie anybody had any real joy in watching. The acclaimed helmer of classics such as Leon: The Professional and The Fifth Element, Besson slipped into more of a producer role in recent times, scattering his directorial duties into crap like The Family, and generic pulp like Lucy. Now, Besson seems to have struck gold with the visually sumptuous Valerian & The City of A Thousand Planets, a cumbersomely titled sci-fi opus that seems to borrow plentifully from Besson’s own Fifth Element, Jupiter Ascending, and Cloud Atlas. Starring Chronicle actor Dane DeHaan and model-turned-actress Chloe Delevigne (hoping for a Besson-inspired Milla Jovovich-esque career launch?), it remains to be seen exactly what kind of film we’ll end up getting – I’m hoping more like Fifth Element than Jupiter Ascending, to be honest – but for now, sit back and enjoy this stunning first trailer to Valerian!

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