Mary Ellen Trainor - 1952-2015
Mary Ellen Trainor – 1952-2015

American actress Mary Ellen Trainor, who appeared as the mother in The Goonies, as well as a police psychologist in the Lethal Weapon franchise, passed away last month.

Ms Trainor passed away on May 20th, and in our efforts to update our website with its new look, we neglected to publish this news.

Mary Ellen Trainor, who was married to director Robert Zemeckis between 1980 and 2000, appeared in a number of his films, including Romancing The Stone, Back To The Future Part II, Death Becomes Her, and Forrest Gump. Ms Trainor is best known as the mother of Brand and Mikey in The Goonies (directed by Lethal Weapon helmer Richard Donner), as well as the Lethal Weapon franchise, as psychiatrist Stephanie Woods.

Among her other film roles, she appeared in Die Hard, Congo, Amy’s Orgasm, Freaky Friday, and Cake.

Ms Trainor passed away from complications of pancreatic cancer, aged 62.

Ms Trainor in her Lethal Weapon role.
Ms Trainor in her Lethal Weapon role.
Mary Ellen Trainor in The Goonies.
Mary Ellen Trainor in The Goonies.

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