16 thoughts on “Movie Review – Raid, The: Redemption

  1. Love this ending sentence Rodney! "It’s a blazing, bollocking, rock’em sock’em thriller with plenty of blood, bruises and multi-level smackdowns". It DAMN well is! 😀 Glad to see you really enjoyed this one!

  2. Plot, dialogue who needs that crap! This was the best action flick I have seen in years. I was hoping someone jumped us in the parking lot when we walked out of the theater so I could have kicked the crap out of them.

    How bad is the Hollywood remake of this going to be?

    1. There's a remake? Oh God…. Of course there is. The only possible way they can do this justice (and that's highly doubtful, but anyway….) is to get the dude who directed the original Taken to helm it, and Gina Carano to play the role of the policeperson caught up in it all……

      But yes, this is the best action flick I've seen in ages too. Certainly a keeper!!!

  3. Suddenly i'm dropping everything i'm doing and looking for a copy of this. Thanks for the tip, brother. Is it in English or should i look for subtitles as well?
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    1. Get the original dub (Indonesian) where possible. If there's an English dub I doubt it'll have the same impact.

      Let me know what you think of it when you see it. I expect you to be as astonished as I was. 😉

  4. There are already some whispers that these film could soon get an American remake (The Raid is a product of the Indonesian film industry) but do not wait for that. We rarely try to influence our readers, but if you’re an action fan, trust us, you want to see this movie. And, by the time it’s done, you too will likely want to see the sequel, from the original director, using the actual Indonesian actors and stuntmen.

    1. Thanks Duncan! I wasn't aware there was a sequel to this film already? I'll have to check that out. And yes, before we get an American remake (which will no doubt star some chisel-jawed teen hunk nobody's heard of) can I reissue my urge for everyone to check out THIS version of the story? It's awesome!!!

  5. Such a great movie. Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian are the best thing that's happened to martial arts cinema probably since the '90s. Just incredible work here. And Gareth Evan's work behind the camera is just as important to the success, the camerawork is so engrossing and really puts you inside the scenes. Fantastic stuff. The sequel, which I see has been mentioned in previous comments, is currently filming and is called Berandal. It's a prison based film and they initially wanted to make it before The Raid, but they couldn't get the funding, so they pitched The Raid and got that one made.

    I also recommend their first film together Merantau. It's lighter on action, but it has a more Jackie Chan feel to the stunts and the fights, so I enjoyed it immensely.

    1. Ha ha, thanks Will!! We both like this film, how weird is that?!!! LOL!!!

      I'm up with the sequel news now (and soooo excited!) and have Merantau on my list of films to seek out. Always glad to hear that The Raid is a happy accident while the filmmakers wanted to go in another direction (bit like the Wachowski's having to make Bound before they got the green light for The Matrix). Can't wait to see Berandal in all its bloody glory!!!

  6. Unfortunately, the rumors of an American remake have been confirmed. I heard it's part of the deal with Sony distributing the film.

    I think that The Raid should've been advertised better in the US, seeing that it (only) got US$ 4 million – though I won't complain because it's almost 4 times the budget the film was made with.
    Maybe releasing it in a time other than when an over-hyped movie [The Hunger Games if I'm not mistaken] was coming out would've helped.

    1. No doubt they'll get Tom bloody Cruise to play the role of Rama. Sometimes one wonders why Hollywood just can't leave these films alone for a bit longer before sticking them into the Remake Machine. Oh wait…. money. Yeah, that's it. Oh well, as long as the Indonesian sequels are of the same caliber, Hollywood can go sod itself with their remakes.

      Thanks for stopping by Gensoukyou!!

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