10 thoughts on “Movie Review – 30 Days Of Night

  1. "I’ve never read the original comic on which this film is based, but from what I’ve gleaned from scouring the internet, apparently it’s a damn fine read." It IS, actually, Rodney. It's a really good read. That's the main reason I never watched this, because I'm a fan of that comic and figured they would never do it justice.

    Your review makes me have second thoughts though. Sounds alright. Maybe I should give it a chance one of these days after all…
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  2. Thankfully, however, things aren’t entirely lost. We still have film-makers willing to return the genre to its original horror glory. Vampires are a screen monster, not a lover, or a thing you can fall in love with. They suck your blood, they kill you, and they live forever. Bella Swan shoulda staked that Edward bastard the first moment she lay eyes on him.
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