2 thoughts on “Top 10 Bond Gadgets

  1. Oh man!! Those Xray glasses have got to be FIRST, no? LOL!! I remember all those ads in Comic Books, and laughing at them but wishing they were real anyways! 😀

    The jetpack may actually be a good number one candidate, too. How cool would that thing be?

    Anyways, great list man, fun post! Gonna be chacking out some more of these now. 😀
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    1. I remember those ads in the comics too!! They were hilarious – my favorites were the tiny living family of sea creatures you could buy and keep alive in their own tank. Of all the gadgets here, if I could only take 1 for real it would be the x-ray glasses. How much fun could you have at the mall, or at the beach, or at… hell, wherever you go!!!

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