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From The Editor – The Modern Bond-athon Begins


This week, we have something special lined up for you! All week, we’ll be dissecting the Modern Bond Era – the films of Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan as James Bond – in the lead up to our review of Skyfall, the most recent of the Bond flicks. While we’ve already written reviews on Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, we’re giving them the REDUX treatment and revisiting our initial thoughts, to have another look at these two films.

We begin tomorrow with GoldenEye, the first of the Brosnan Bonds, and we run right through the week covering the good, bad and downright ugly of the modern era of Bond, including presenting some Top 10 Lists involving all of the Bond franchise. Who are the best Bond girls? The best Bond cars? The best Bond quips? What did we really think of Die Another Day? Find out all this week as we give Modern Bond the special Fernby Films treatment!!

So be back here on Monday for the first of our review of the Modern Era of Bond – shaken, not stirred, of course.



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