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  1. It’s not as funny as I was expecting from the talent in front of, and behind the camera but I still had some nice laughs. Also, this is Seth Rogen playing Seth Rogen, which he is always best at. He should keep doing that and not try to be a different type of Seth Rogen like we saw in The Green Hornet. Nice review my dude.

    1. Hi Dan! Yeah, I've never been fond of Seth Rogen in any of his films (with only one or two exceptions) and I think his style of comedy, his delivery itself, annoys me no end. That said, I did enjoy what he brought to Paul. Thanks for stopping by !

  2. Hi Rodney,

    I can't agree with you on this one. I found it flat through out. I smiled, but never laughed. Pegg and Frost are brilliant, but this felt to watered down for an American general audience that doesn't understand the subtle nature of English humour.

    Great write up, I am glad you got more from it than I did.

  3. Interesting, I was looking forward to this one but all the criticism it received made me not go see it. I guess i'll have to see it now!

    Nice work Rodney!

    1. @ Scott – That's okay man, you don't have to agree with me all the time! LOL. I do think you're right in that the film did feel watered down for a US audience, because Hollywood always assumes that US audiences are imbeciles. Too many big words and not enough explosions make US audiences avoid a film like this I guess….. oh well, you reap what you sow, right? I think they got the concept right with Paul, but the execution just felt uneven.

      @ Matt S – See it mate, I'd be keen on your thoughts!

  4. I think the lack of Edgar Wright is a stumbling block for Paul. Not just his visual flair but also his sense of humour that works so well alongside Simon Pegg.

    1. @ Fitz & Dan – You're both echoing sentiments of audiences around the world, I think. People would have killed to see Wright direct this with Pegg/Frost. The studio should have either waited until his schedule cleared (because we got Scott Pilgrim) or offered him a bunch of money to do it regardless.

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