Vale – Farley Granger


Farley Granger - 1925-2011

It with a tinge of sadness today that we report the passing of another screen legend, Farley Granger, who died on Sunday aged 85. Mr Granger was best known for his work in the two Hitchcock films that brought him considerable fame, Strangers On A Train, and one of my favorites, Rope, playing one half of the murderous pair who stuff a mans body into a chest and then have a party around it. Granger first appeared in 1943’s The North Star, before finding fame in the lead of Hitchcock’s crime thriller Rope in 1948. A few years later he would reunite with Hitchcock for Strangers On A Train, and among his other film appearances, include roles in Hans Christian Anderson, Night Flight From Moscow, The Prowler, Kill Me My Love!, and The Next Big Thing in 2001. More on Mr Granger can be found at his Wiki page here!

Mr Granger passed away on March 27th, in New York City.

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