Vale – Adriana Xenides

Adriana Xenides - 1956-2010

Sad news in the Aussie TV community this evening, with news out of Sydney that long time television personality Adriana Xenides has passed away. Xenides co-hosted the Australian version of long-running gameshow Wheel Of Fortune, with Ernie Sigley, Tony Barber, John Burgess and John Elliot. At the time, she was once the longest serving co-host of a TV gameshow anywhere in the world, lasting 18 years on the production. I know this isn’t exactly movie-related news, but I grew up with Adriana on my TV, and like a nice warm blanket she became part of the establishment: this is a personal thing. Her position on the show afforded her a particularly powerful fashion platform, with which to show off local clothing designers wares. This fashion identity made her famous across the country.

Xenides had health issues in later years, and died today after complications from a ruptured intestine. Xenides’ family have asked the Liverpool Hospital where she was being treated to release no further details.

Adriana Xenides was 54.

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