Forgotten Hollywood Photos

We don’t normally get into the Hollywood photos per se, but this was too good to pass up. We were sent this collection of photos from an anonymous source, and we’ve decided to publish them.

Below you’ll find some classic, rare images of various celebrities from history in candid, unedited moments (mostly). We thought it was an interesting look back at Hollywood of old.

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4 Thoughts to “Forgotten Hollywood Photos”

  1. There are some real gems here, Monroe and the Queen of England and Monroe and JFK my favorites, but George Clooney as a youngster – oh my!
    My recent post Ned Scott

    1. Yeah, Clooney almost looks like a future sexual predator!! LOL!!!

      My personal favorites are the Minelli/Garland shot, and a young Bardot hanging over the front of the car. Yummo!!!

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