Vale – Ray Barrett

Ray Barrett - 1927-2009
Ray Barrett - 1927-2009

Sad day for the Australian entertainment community today, as we learn of the passing of Ray Barrett, a well known and loved performer here in the land Down Under. Barrett was best known for his voice work in the TV series Thunderbirds, in particular his roles as John Stacy and The Hood. To us here at, anybody who had a role in Thunderbirds automatically develops legendary status. Barrett also starred in the long-running British series The Troubleshooters, as well as an episode of Doctor Who from William Hartnell’s era, The Rescuers.

More recently, Barrett won a silver Logie for his work in After The Deluge, an Australian mini-series made in 2004. He also appeared in films such as Don’s Party, The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith, and Australia.

Barrett was 82.

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