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Our 500th Post – Reflections On Things So Far


Dear Reader,

Well, talk about a landmark for! We finally reach our 500th post, a milestone that, when we first began a few years ago, we didn’t think we’d ever get to! Ever since we started, waaaay back in┬áDecember 2007, we’ve tried to be a fair and balanced site on which you can read our opinions on all things film, TV, and entertainment. We’ve had a few dramas and hicccups along the way, we’ve gained and lost some valuable members of our team, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at all times.

At times like this, when a landmark comes along, people often like to take the time to reflect on where they’ve come from, what they’ve achieved, and how well they’re travelling. Obviously, since is a relatively new website, this is a little redundant given that we really only started doing film stuff about a year ago full time. Before I continue, I’d like to send out a big thanks to all those who have contributed and commented here at the site over the last year or so. Particularly, The Secret Squirrel, whose rapidly growing brood of children prevents him/her from participating in our website as much these days; as well as Doug Shearer, who we sadly had to say goodbye to as he moved on with other projects.

Special mention, of course, to Mick Kubler (or, perhaps, the blame for this whole enterprise!) for getting this website up and running, and allowing me the freedom to explore my cinematic tendencies by explaining the intricacies of a self-maintained website. For all his comments and behind the scenes help, owes him a great big hug! Or at the very least, a handshake. You can check out Mick’s owb website, for Grey Phoenix Productions, here.

In the last year I’ve been on a trip around Europe, witnessed the birth of my first child, and spent a lot of time writing reviews, articles and various posts. We’ve seen the passing of legends like Paul Newman, pop-culture icons like Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, and local heroes like Heath Ledger. We were one of the very first websites to actually review the most recent Wallace & Gromit short, A Matter of Loaf And Death, which was a cool scoop to have! We developed a relationship with American website, run by Hollywood screenwriter/producer┬áBryce Zabel, and have been moonlighting several reviews in that direction as well, all of which are available to read here too. Thanks to Bryce for his support too! [It’s as close to being in Hollywood as I can get!… Ed.!]

Mick Kubler and I developed and made our own short film project, Schoolyard Justice, which debuted late last year, which was a great little introduction to the high’s and lows of making a movie (albeit a very short one), and I am still currently in the development stage of the next major project from Fernby Films, Urban Golf.

The most important person to thank, of course, would be my wife, the gorgeous Lisa T, without whom this website would be nothing if not a simple “my thoughts” blog. She may not contribute to the site itself, but she allows me the time to do so, which I am most thankful for! Thanks bubby!

I guess the main thing we want to mention is our increased readership…. over the last year, our numbers have been steadily rising to quite a good level, and we hope all our loyal readers enjoy what they see here at the site. Mick always tells me that the more regularly we post, and the better the quality of those posts, then the more likely readers are to hang around and read your stuff. And I admit, that theory has been borne out with an increased viewing circle. So to all our readers, both regular and newcomer alike, thankyou for taking the time to check out our little website and stop by. We greatly appreciate it!

It’s been a busy time for us here at the site, and while we might have slowed down a little, we’re not stopping our quest to view and review the great, not-so-great, and truly absymal films that come out each year. We hope you’ll continue along on the ride with us.


Rodney Twelftree – Director, Fernby Films.

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